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Private, Decentralized and Digital Bank.
Leading universal bank, offering deposits, lending and a wide range of other products and services.
Private, Decentralized and Digital Bank.
Starting My Career
Which BankofArabian Solution is right for you?
Ordinary Use
Every transaction is free and convenient with BankofArabian Easy. Debit card powers all your spending needs.
Debit cards
  • Deposit, withdraw, transfer, make payments conveniently and fast, backed by 24x7 service at ATMs nationwide
  • Get valuable privileges that enhance your lifestyle
  • Enjoy auxiliary services that make your life better.
Bonus Saving
Start saving and get a higher interest rate. Develop savings discipline to secure your financial future.
Automatic Transfer
  • Check your account balance easily, 24x7
  • Put secure funds transfer service at your fingertips.
Happiness Fullfillment
Enjoy your lifestyle better when you shop, dine or travel, with extra privileges. Spend without hassles. Your cash is always ready at any ATM.
Credit Card
  • Convenient for all your spending. Shop easier with just a single card. You don't need to carry cash.
  • Redeem points for awards or get cash back
  • Get cash from any ATM worldwide whenever you need it.
Invest Now
It’s easy to open an account. Invest via mobile app for top convenience. Covers all investment channels.
Mutual Fund Account
  • Choose from a multitude of funds to better meet your investment needs.
ADDRESS: 316 Rd 4609, Manama, Barein
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