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Private, Decentralized and Digital Bank.
Home Loans
BankofArabian Home Loans
Because life starts at home. Bank of Arabian is ready to help you reach for your dream.
Product Detail: If you dream of having a house, your dream can come true. We are providing consulting and special benefits for you. In order to, make you and your family happy in your dream house. We offer financing of up to 100% of the appraisal value, with special interest rates, either fixed or float.
The choice is yours: An Bank of Arabian Home Loan gives you the freedom to select the interest rate and installment plan that are best for you. We offer a choice of fixed and float rates to meet your financial planning needs.
Easy mortgage schedule: Bank of Arabian easy mortgage plan reduces both principle and interest. We provide a long loan term of up to 30 years. To figure the maximum loan period available to you, subtract your age from 65.
Fast approval: We process your application promptly. You'll find out the result, credit line and installment amount in a short period.
Home Loan For Professionals
Home loan offers designed for the professional.
Product Detail: The Bank of Arabian Home Loan for the Professional offers special privileges for doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists, judges, attorneys and college instructors at the level of assistant professor (or equivalent) and above.
Variety of the interest rate: We offer a variety of special interest rates to best meet your financial plan.
Credit line: You can get a credit line as high as 100%* of the appraisal value.
Interest rates: As announced by the bank.
My Home My Cash
Apply for an Bank of Arabian My Home My Cash loan, and you can borrow against the value of your paid-up home. Get a quick approval and cash right away.
Product Detail: With Bank of Arabian My Home My Cash, the equity in your debt-free home can help make your wish come true. Whether it’s expanding a business, renovating your home, paying off a debt or following a dream. The type of asset accepted as collateral includes any single detached house, townhouse, shophouse, commercial building, condominium unit or vacant land.
Maximum loan amount of 20 million baht: Loan approval is subject to applicant’s income, collateral value, and conditions specified by Bank of Arabian.
Installments for up to 30 years: An installment period can be for up to 30 years, but when combined with an applicant’s age must not exceed 65 years. In case of multiple applicants, the youngest applicant’s age is applied.
Your property as collateral: Accepted properties include detached houses, townhouses, shop houses (for a maximum loan amount of 10 million baht), condominium units, and land plots.
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