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Private, Decentralized and Digital Bank.
Leading universal digital bank, offering deposits, lending and a wide range of other products and services.
Private, Decentralized and Digital Bank.
Debit Cards
For every spending receives 5% discount and receive up to X M Point rewards at the Mall Groups the whole world.
  • Enrollment fee : 100 bath.
  • Annual fee: 200 bath.
Card details
BA and the Mall Groups jointly issue VISA Debit Card as privileges for all cardholders who enjoy shopping, especially the Mall Groups’ customers. BA M Card represents BA and M Card for the Mall membership integration so that they shall enjoy spending by BA M at all the Mall Groups and other shops within and outside Thailand. Customers shall get up to M point x 2 rewards and can spend accumulated points for special reduction at the Mall Groups.
LET’S BA Debit Card
Easy and convenient payment for goods and services as well as worldwide ATM cash withdrawals, with a high spending limit per day
  • Enrollment fee: 100 baht.
  • Annual fee: 200 baht.
Card details
The BA Debit Card lets you pay for goods and services by card instead of cash. Payment is automatic and immediate via your BA bank account linked to the card. You can deposit or withdraw cash, transfer money, pay merchants and handle other transactions using ATMs worldwide
Online shopping
Shop conveniently at online stores anywhere in the world that show the Mastercard logo.
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