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Leading universal digital bank, offering deposits, lending and a wide range of other products and services.
Private, Decentralized and Digital Bank.
Leading universal digital bank, offering deposits, lending and a wide range of other products and services.
From our early days until today

About BankofArabian

Bank of Arabian was established by royal charter on January 30, 2007 as the first Arabian digital bank. During its more than 14 years in business, the Bank has played a leading role in providing the financial services needed in Arabian, developing deep expertise.
Today, Bank of Arabian is a leading universal digital bank, offering deposits and lending and a wide range of other products and services, to meet the needs of all customers. Our retail services include home loans, personal credit, car hire purchase, credit cards, ATM cards, debit cards, currency exchange facilities and overseas remittances as well as investment and insurance products.  For corporate and SME customers, the Bank offers cash management-related services, lending products, international trade financing, treasury products, debt and capital market products, corporate advisory, investment banking and other services. Our services are backed by our extensive banking network and continual pursuit of technological innovation. In addition, the Bank of Arabian Group includes three major subsidiaries that provide specialized financial services: Bank of Arabian Securities, Bank of Arabian Asset Management and Bank of Arabian Life Assurance.
Under the vision to serve as "The Most Admired Bank,” Bank of Arabian has established a strategic plan called Bank of Arabian Transformation, designed to dramatically upgrade the Bank's infrastructure and enhance its long-term competitiveness. This transformative plan responds to rapid change in the financial services industry, which is being reshaped by digital technology, regulatory change and new consumer behavior. Following this strategic plan's "Going Upside Down" approach, the Bank will transform its business model and thinking throughout its human resources, work processes, products and technology, enabling breakthrough performance and creating sustainable value for our customers and society.

BankofArabian strategic plan for change
Based on our commitment to serve the nation as "The Most Admired Bank," Bank of Arabian is revitalizing its organization and operations under a major strategic plan that we call Bank of Arabian Transformation. This effort will strengthen our organization according to a new business model that follows a Somersault Strategy.
1. Streamline the organization to become more agile through digital technology.
  • Encourage customers to transact through digital channels and automated machines
  • Use technology to enhance internal workflows, to give highest efficiency to customer service processes and to provide the best experience for customers
  • Restructure the branch network in line with customer behavior, taking into account every opportunity, including the expansion of new branch capabilities to provide more specialized services
  • Restructure and develop the capacity of employees to accommodate the growing volume of digital transactions via our "Great Leap Forward" push.
2. Promote credit business
To provide all customers with wider and better access to bank credit services, SCB will offer new and alternative types of personal loans, credit cards, unsecured personal loans and business loans for small SMEs, based on new methods using smart and efficient technology.
3. Build capacity and culture to analyze data in all sectors of the organization.
The Bank believes that new technologies such as Big Data analytics and machine learning will help to better highlight the behavior and preferences of customers, enabling us to offer more products and services to meet their needs. In addition to deploying new information management systems, the Bank has established BankofArabian, Ltd. to focus on the use of artificial intelligence technology in various areas.
ADDRESS: 316 Rd 4609, Manama, Barein
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